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Hi there, I’m Tika. I’m a mother of five, a devoted wife, and a passionate entrepreneur proudly calling Melbourne, Australia, my home. My journey into the world of tech and business management has been a transformative one, and it’s deeply intertwined with my personal experiences of balancing family and entrepreneurship.

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Balancing the roles of a dedicated mom and a determined entrepreneur wasn’t always smooth sailing. It was a challenging and often overwhelming journey, particularly as my business gained rapid momentum. The demands of late nights, hectic schedules, and the ever-present fear of missing out on precious moments with my growing family created a constant source of stress and pressure.

But here’s where the narrative takes a turn for the inspiration: I did not let these challenges define my path. Instead, I embarked on a quest for a powerful secret – a secret that would unlock the door to thriving in the digital age without losing touch with my core values and my family.

That secret, I discovered, was rooted in the realisation that thriving in the digital age doesn’t equal to doing every business task alone. It’s about having a trusted partner who understands your vision, shares your commitment to excellence, and is dedicated to making your business flourish. This became the cornerstone of my mission.

Driven by this newfound insight, I embarked on a mission to empower businesses like yours. I embarked on a journey to become a tech VA and certified Online Business Manager. This journey was not just a professional endeavor; it was a personal transformation that allowed me to tap into my skills and passions while also embracing my role as a mother.

My specialisation extends to creating order out of chaos, orchestrating flawless product launches, designing captivating websites, and streamlining operations through the magic of integrations and automation. These skills became my toolkit for not only building successful businesses but also reclaiming precious moments with my family.

Your business deserves to thrive, and you deserve the freedom to focus on what truly matters to you. I’m here to tell you that there is a better way – a way that doesn’t involve burning the midnight oil or feeling overwhelmed by never-ending to-do lists.

My mission is straightforward: to help you scale. I’m here to be your guiding hand through the complex digital landscape, ensuring your growth, scalability, and success. Your vision is unique, and it deserves to shine.

Imagine a future where your business runs like a well-oiled machine. Imagine being at the forefront of your industry, effortlessly juggling your roles as an entrepreneur and a parent, and cherishing every precious moment with your loved ones. This is the future I envision for you.

Together, we’ll transform this vision into a reality.

If you're looking for help getting your business back-end set up and running seamlessly, Tika can get you there. She's got innovative ideas for automations that don't remove the quality from your customer/client relations - and she's always happy to jump in where needed to make our day run smoother.

– Rebecca V.

Tika is the consummate professional! She is wildly knowledgeable about email systems, Social media, data entry and BEYOND! Her communication is prompt and clear and she is very detailed oriented delivering great results on any project you hand her! I would HIGHLY recommend Tika for any work you might need….she’s Awesome and been a true God send helping me set up systems for my business!

– Laura K.W.

Tika was amazing, quick and intuitive about building my website in a pinch. I highly recommend her to my clients and colleagues and look forward to working with her in the future

— Kathleen C.

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My mission is to ensure your business not only runs but succeeds. With my dedicated support, you’ll have the freedom to focus on your core genius, while I handle the intricacies that fuel your success.

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