I have really enjoyed working with Tika – Tika is highly communicative, responsive, and focused, and yet somehow laid back and calming to work with! Tika is happy to suggest new ideas, and leverage her experience to fill in the gaps in mine – and I really appreciate that.

I am definitely going to work with Tika for a long time to come because she is the sort of long-term trusted partner that we all need.


MacthFit Mastery

I stumbled across Tika by accident in a Facebook group and it turned out to be a fantastic mistake for my business! Tika is incredibly digitally savvy, she understands a wide variety of apps and is able to appreciate the ways and means I needed those apps to interact with our toolset. She took initiative, showing me solutions to problems I didn’t yet know I had and executed tasks and assigned work quickly, managing multiple details and too many moving parts! Thank YOU Tika!

Barb M.

Above The Fold

If you’re looking to organise your back end systems, look no further than Tika! From the first initial consultation, to the end of the project, she made the whole process so seamless with a very quick turnaround. She answered all emails promptly and took so much stress off my plate by organising my CRM and website product setup. Will be highly recommending her in the future and I have already booked her in to assist with my next business venture!

Amber W.

Impact Social Co.

If you’re looking for help getting your business back-end set up and running seamlessly, Tika can get you there. She’s got innovative ideas for automations that don’t remove the quality from your customer/client relations – and she’s always happy to jump in where needed to make our day run smoother.

Rebecca V.

Rebecca Vigelius

Before I met Tika, my business felt like one of those road trips where you end up lost in an unknown city trying to find your way back to the higher. I had tons of ideas and I just didn’t have the time or know-how to execute on all of them. Tika helped me set up my systems and so much more. In the rare instance where she doesn’t know the answer, she never says “I don’t know.” Instead she says “I’ll find out.” I’m a small client on her desk right now but she always makes me feel like the bell of the ball. She’s fast, efficient, knowledgeable. I’ve 10x’d my productivity because she’s SO DANG GOOD at her job. I’m selfishly hoping no one reads this review so when I grow, I can keep her all to myself. But she’s way too good not to share with the world.

Tika took my business from being full of stress and anxiety because I had too much to do and was getting bogged down by things I’m terrible at to a business I’m EXCITED to grow. And she makes me look so good to my clients. She’s worth every single penny and more.

Kristi D.

Tika is the consummate professional! She is wildly knowledgeable about email systems, Social media, data entry and BEYOND! Her communication is prompt and clear and she is very detailed oriented delivering great results on any project you hand her! I would HIGHLY recommend Tika for any work you might need….she’s Awesome and been a true God send helping me set up systems for my business!

Laura K.W.

She’s been amazing. I would highly recommend her to lead your virtual team.

Dale C.

Tika was fantastic! Very responsive and willing to assist and adapt with changing needs. Will 100% work with her again.

Georgia V-b

Tika has been amazing. She is very thoughtful, considerate, and is always willing to help. Her ability to reach out and mentor has been absolutely inspiring. She has so much knowledge and is willing to lend a hand when needed. Her professionalism and down to earth personality make her an absolute joy to interact with. I highly recommend you connect with her ASAP!

Alyssa V.F.

10/10 all the way! Tika was such an amazing help for my start up business always talking me through stuff and was super easy to communicate it! Will be highly recommending her in the future and will be my first point of call if I ever need her help again!’ My website looks amazing!!

Thanks again!!

Kieran D.

Tika did an amazing job completing work for my business. I had to to transfer contacts from Mailchimp to a new email platform and she was very professional throughout the process. Her communication was stellar and her follow through was just what I was looking for. She took a load off of my plate by handling this project and I will definitely be hiring her again.

Quiana D.

Tika has been a very supportive resource as I’m beginning my transition from a corporate Senior Project Manager to a VA/OBM! She has a huge level of expertise on being an in-demand VA and has lots of enthusiasm for sharing that knowledge with myself and others! She offered me her time to cover some basics of getting started and she was able to tailor her feedback to my specific plans and situation and offered lots of valuable insight that filled me with way more confidence as I embark on beginning my own business! What a treat that we get to benefit from Tika’s eagerness to help others in the VA/OBM community! Hugely grateful for her support and guidance!

Heidi H.

Tika you are so helpful and full of advice. You are a great mentor and I look forward to continuing to work with you. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

Anne-Marie B.

I had a great experience with Tika! Everything was done quickly and efficiently and she made any changes or additions that I required.

I enjoyed working with her and will continue to work with her in the future.

Highly recommended, especially if you need a reliable person in your business.

Caitlin L.H.

I could not recommend this business enough, I will be forever greatful for what she has created for me very friendly, quick to reply and overall just amazing! I will be back.

Sophie L.

Tika was amazing, quick and intuitive about building my website in a pinch.
I highly recommend her to my clients and colleagues and look forward to working with her in the future ❤
Kathleen C.

Kajabi Specialist