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12 Brand Basics to nail for your business

Your Monthly Focus Workbook

5 Effective Strategies Managing Stress

Your Monthly Focus Workbook

The Monthly Focus Workbook

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Paperbell is a scheduling, payment, and client management tool in one, designed just for coaches. Your clients pay (including payment plans, ongoing subscriptions, group coaching, and multi-session packages), schedule their appointment, sign contracts, and access digital downloads in one online hub.

Paperbell takes care of the gruntwork so that you can spend your time doing the important work that you were put here to do.



Host your WordPress site with SiteGround. I personally use Siteground, and their plans are affordable and value for money. Their customer services is top notch, and we haven’t had any issues. Their current offer for those looking to switch or design a new website, is 80% off hosting!


Canva is an amazing tool that you can use to create endless designs for social media, videos, presentations, flyers, and more. It has thousands of templates you can choose from and customise to suit your brand and style. Canva is definitely our go-to for social media and creating mock-ups.

Amplify Your Ads

This is EVERYTHING you want to know about FB Ads, but without all the bro-marketing, guru speak and magic formula’s.

Learn how to create click-worthy campaigns that convert subscribers into BUYERS in less than an hour.

Learn how we use non-traditional creative to STAND OUT in the News Feed (even if you’re not a graphic designer and have no idea what you’re doing).

This is everything you need to know about pixels, targeting, the different types of ads you can run, how to budget, where to spend your money and what not to do if you want results. ALL OF IT.

The Little Product Launch Kit

I have personally bought this mini course and love it! No, the link below is not an affiliate link…

Not sure where to begin when it comes to launching, but you have a digital product ready to make its debut in the virtual world.

Look no further, and this mini-course will help you get started!